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Benefits of becoming a Brandboost Affiliate

No fees

Our affiliate program is 100% free to enroll and all earnings are yours to keep.

Unlimited earning potential

There is no earning cap. The more you referrals you bring in, the more you’ll earn.

Tools for success

We’ve included various marketing tools and free resources to ensure your success.

Built-in tracking

Easily track and manage your referrals, earnings and analytics from your dashboard.

Easy payout

Transfer funds to your account of choice every month with just one click.

Passive monthly income

Earn $$ from the time your referral signs up and for the entire duration they subscribe.

Affiliate Rev-Share Commission Rates

Brandboost welcomes affiliate traffic and rewards affiliates for active paying subscriptions.
Our affiliate program provides tiered payouts rewarding higher performing affiliates with higher commission rates.
The following table provides you with a clear breakdown of your commission rates. Tiers are calculated on a monthly basis.

Monthly Subscriptions

Rev-Share Commission Rate

1 - 50


51 - 100


101 - 150


151 - 200




Sample Earnings - Newbie Affiliate

45 New Monthly Basic Subscriptions X $99 per month = $4455 Gross Revenues
$4455 Gross Revenues X 10% commission rate = $668.25 earned commission per month

Sample Earnings - Experienced

101 New Monthly Basic Subscriptions X $99 per month = $9,999 Gross Revenues
$9,999 Gross Revenues X 20% commission rate = $2,000 earned commission per month

Sample Earnings - Super Affiliate

250 New Monthly Basic Subscriptions X $99 per month = $24,750 Gross Revenues
$24,750 Gross Revenues X 30% commission rate = $7,425 earned commission per month


Membership benefits:

No affiliate fees

Increase your earnings

Lifetime passive income

Advertise with our tools

Track payments easily

Get paid quickly


Frequently asked questions

If you’re an existing customer and want to refer your friends to us, you will receive a percentage of their recurring payment. This is the best way make a little bit of cash on the side. Naturally, we also have an affiliate program should you be interested.

If you’re interested in becoming an approved affiliate, please complete the application on this page and we will determine if we’re a good fit for one another.

Our commission structure is simple. Commission starts at 10% as long as they use our service, you get paid. The more people join through your referral link, the higher your commission rate increases. More information is available for prospective partners. Please contact support for further details.

All affiliates and partners are paid once a month via an approved method of receiving payments.

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